Pass Plus

Pass Plus< or Motorway Tuition/h1>
If you take the Pass Plus course after you have passed your driving test, you will not just be a safer driver but may be entitled to generous discounts from many insurance companies.

The Pass Plus course consists of six one hour modules. There is no test at the end of the course, but your Pass Plus registered instructor needs to sign off that you have completed each module of the course to a satisfactory standard. On completion of the course you are entitled to a certificate from the Pass Plus unit at the DVSA.

The six modules to be covered are:

Town driving, All weather driving, Night driving, Rural roads, Dual Carriageways and Motorways.


Although you will have had instruction and experience in most of these situations during the course of your lessons, the aim will be to help you to think more about these situations and give you more experience in them. Of course you will not have driven on Motorways on your lessons and the opportunity to do Motorway driving as part of Pass Plus will be of tremendous benefit. Please discuss with your instructor if you want any more information about Pass Plus. Motorway Tuition is 2 hour periods.