Terms & Conditions

DRW School of Motoring – Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are based on the “Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors”. It is important that every pupil reads and understands them and seeks clarification if they have any questions or concerns. Please Request a copy of our additional Terms & Conditions regarding( Covid 19)

1. Driving Licence

Pupils must ensure that they are holders of a valid current Driving Licence. This must be produced along with copy the counterpart obtainable on line from the DVSA on the first lesson and an eyesight test will be undertaken.
It is the pupil’s responsibility to wear their spectacles or contact lenses if they are required.
The instructor must be informed of any points, endorsement, bans, convictions or restrictions of any kind on pupils’ licences.  Pupils whilst driving are responsible by law for any motoring offences including speeding & all related fines.

2. Fitness to drive

It is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit to drive and he/she must inform us of any medical condition, disability or injury that may affect their ability or entitlement to drive.
Pupils must ensure that they do not drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs – some medication drugs like hay fever remedies may cause drowsiness.
Pupils must ensure that they do not book driving lessons at a time that they are likely to be tired, stressed or otherwise distracted. If the instructor feels that the pupil is not fit to drive, the lesson will be terminated and must still be paid for.
In the interests of comfort and safety, pupils are strongly advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear for their lessons.
Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of a lesson and forfeiture of monies paid.

3. Postponement of Lessons by the Pupil

48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or postponement of a lesson. Please do not rely on email. text. or other messaging unless you have received a reply from us. Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice must be paid for in full, as you have booked the time slot for an agreed period. if you are more than 15 minutes late for a lesson without notifying your instructor the lesson will be treated as a cancellation on the pupils part.

4. Postponement of Lessons by the Instructor

If, due to vehicle breakdown or other emergency, a lesson has to be postponed at short notice, an alternative lesson will be paid by mutual consent. In the case of a driving test, the instructor will be responsible for any lost test fees.
Driving tests take priority over lessons. A lesson booked may have to be rearranged if the instructor receives late notice of a test at approximately the same time.
The driving instructor will make every effort to be punctual but traffic conditions sometimes make this impossible. If a lesson needs to start 10 minutes late, it will end late accordingly.

5. Driving Tests

In the interests of road safety, the right is reserved to withdraw use of a car for test use to pupils not deemed to be at test standard. In most circumstances, use of the vehicle will be dependent upon passing a mock driving test marked to the same standards as the DVSA Practical Test.
Driving tests should not be booked without first checking the availability of the instructor and car. When booking a test please quote the ADI number of 219244
DRW school of motoring has no control over driving tests being cancelled by the DVSA, however, pupils may be able to claim a refund of lessons fees from the DVSA, when tests are cancelled at short notice. This will not include adverse weather conditions.

6. Payment of lesson. All lessons must be paid for in advance if you are paying as you go and not for  a block booking we ask for a further lesson  in advance payable on your  first lesson.  Payment can be made in cash. Faster payment on-line.  Please note we no longer accept cheques. No discounts will apply to late payments. If  Any refunds are due please allow up to 5 working days to receive payment.

New General Data Protection May 2018 Your driving instructor will record your name. address. DOB Driving licence number. Phone numbers & email address. for the purpose of driving lessons & booking a test.

Data will be held for 5 years to comply with HMRC tax returns and will not be shared with any third party.

with you consent we may use photos, names and reviews for marketing purposes such as media sites subject to your approval.